Tuesday, August 28, 2007

portraits... and the funny ones?

so...for those who don't know, i was fired from kamans for being late. then i was rehired as a portrait artist. so I've been doing the "real" ones lately, and having a lot of fun with them.
most of what your lookin at is from about 3 weeks of practice in the park.

i know the picture quality kinda sucks, but I've been using my phone camera lately, sry about that. anyway. enjoi :)


The Gaber's Sketchblog said...

You got fired? Dumbass.

Your portraits look good though. I've been drawing portraits at downtown Disney, but they look like watered down caricatures, not portraits.

Anonymous said...

dat's sum damn good x-aggerashun!
Are you doing any preliminary outlines before you draw these?

linz said...

your portraits do look good. Try using alot more pinks and the old rose nupastel. Even using orange in the face on whiter skin people helps to bring out the flesh color on that tan paper. dino told me that one and that really helped mine.

Anonymous said...

Man, hahahah... is huahuahau...
very cool art.

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