Thursday, January 08, 2009

more sketch book art

I'm really trying to focus on getting things right the first time by using a pen to draw, but it ends up getting frustrating because sometimes my light sources gets toned down, and the value is never too dark, (since it's red i guess)or I miss the shape and it doesnt finish up clean.

I've also noticed how much less im exaggerating in turn for the realistic rendering.
Which I hate because it keeps me too hesitant.

I'll try to keep working around all that since I do these at work. It allows 8 hours a day almost to practice.

Anyway... the John C. Reiley and C. Rice were my first red inked sketches and they turned out to my liking, and I like the light source on Micheal Cera too.
So have at em.


KEV said...

michael cera?

Jeff Pecina said...

sry, i forgot to put that one in there. it's there now..

coreycooley said...

bad ass!

ROB 2 the Hume said...

I like the Condie.